The custom framing service offers both a wide range of ideas, along with the assistance of professional staff, with over twenty years of experience as well as a selection of over 2000 moulding styles to choose from, of which 80% of our range of mouldings are Eco-friendly i.e. No forests are destroyed to make them, completely synthetic materials are used and are bio degradable.

Our years of Experience and Expertise will ensure that you get the best advice when choosing the ideal framing combination for your piece of art, photograph, cross stitch, cricket bats, posters, rugby t-shirts (You name it – we frame it!) We also offer 200 different colours of mount board to enhance your framing – all our mount boards are 100% Acid Free.

We also offer free advice on conservation framing and museum framing. For this we use a specialised 100% Rag - Cotton Board with Barriek's Paper , Foam core board, etc Restoration of all types of artwork can also be done by our specialised art restorer who has 30 years of restoration experience (not one picture has ever been damaged in this time). All our Frames are expertly joined on state of the art machinery, which is all computer controlled. All glass is hand cut.

To ensure that they stay together at the joints (corners) forever, there is a choice of three types of coverings - Glass (normal and Non - Reflective) and Perspex (different thickness) and laminating (pastication).

We can also source locally and internationally any artists you require at very competitive rates.